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Acrow Case Study

Acrow Connects Manitoba with a Permanent Transport Route for the Winter

13 panel bridges improve access throughout the Manitoba Winter Road Network

Acrow bridges have been commissioned by the Province of Manitoba to substantially improve road access to communities on the Manitoba Winter Road Network. The network covers many miles and comprises seasonal ice roads. Once built across land and frozen lakes, it offers a lifeline to local communities, otherwise isolated for much of the year except for costly air travel options. The network takes time to prepare and, in a typical year, is open from mid-January until March – weather permitting. It has to accommodate heavy transport trucks which haul vital supplies and equipment along the route.

12 of the bridges installed are permanent structures. The Wanipigow bridge was a temporary structure that acted as a detour route and has since been dismantled and reused at another location.

The main challenge was mobilizing the bridge components and substructure works to remote sites. On-site, the structures were assembled and cantilever launched with a launching nose.

Although varying in the number of spans, widths and overall length, most have a timber deck surface and all use Acrow’s high grade steel components, built by specialist local contractors, to withstand the rigours of the landscape and the harsh climate.

The improved, vast road and bridge network provides a vital link for essential truck freight to several remote communities during the winter months.

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