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We always strive to do what is right in support of the customers and communities we serve.

At Acrow, we are committed to conducting professional, ethical business. Wherever in the world we operate, our personnel, representatives and distributors are guided by a Code of Conduct which has been expertly developed to ensure ethical compliance in every aspect of our work. 


We are guided by the founding principles of trust and transparency. 

We are committed to fostering a safe environment where everyone – regardless of role, position or location – can speak their mind, safe in the knowledge that their concerns will be handled professionally, and with care. 


We are committed to ensuring that ethical compliance is embodied across our organization.

Overseen by a Business Ethics Committee, and executed by a dedicated Compliance Manager, our world-class Anti-Corruption Program serves to ensure ethical compliance is embodied across our organization. To find out more about it, please read more below or refer to our Ethics and Conduct Policy.

Acrow Group, and all of our personnel, representatives and distributors, are committed to acting professionally, ethically and in compliance with the law in all our business activities wherever we operate.

We have published an Ethics and Conduct Policy which requires Acrow Group, and all of our personnel, representatives and distributors, to comply with the law, to avoid participation in any form of corruption.  

We have implemented appropriate procedures designed to ensure compliance with this policy, and to detect, report and deal with any breach which may occur.  We have established a Business Ethics Committee and have appointed a Compliance Manager, who have the necessary authority and independence to oversee compliance with the anti-corruption aspects of this policy and our procedures. 

We encourage our personnel, business associates and members of the public to report to us if you believe that there has been any breach of, or is a weakness in, our Ethics and Conduct Policy or procedures. These reports can be made to the Head of Ethics Compliance, Keith Mills ( or to our independent reporting service: NAVEX.  In either case, you may if you wish report confidentially or anonymously.

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