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The Acrow Rapid Response Team has bridging in-stock, ready to deliver.

In times of crisis, our prefabricated modular bridges and shoring systems are the immediate, reliable solution. When aiding in recovery from disaster, Acrow connects you to restored infrastructure.

Features + Benefits

  • Bridging in-stock, ready to deliver anywhere in the world
  • Pre-engineered modular components enable expedited delivery even in challenging locations
  • Multiple length and width configurations provide flexibility
  • Rapidly assembled and installed
  • Easily uninstalled to facilitate safe, rapid re-deployment
  • Suitable for use in seismic areas
  • Proven in humanitarian aid and disaster-relief applications
  • Extensive experience working in collaboration with governments, ministries and aid agencies
  • Supplied with a comprehensive package of technical support
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Acrow’s Rapid Response Team understands the challenge of restoring infrastructure quickly, under emergency conditions. Our prefabricated, modular in-stock components are ready for immediate shipment and rapid on-site installation.
William Killeen, Acrow CEO

Emergency Response

Our bridges and shoring systems are ideal solutions for restoring damaged or destroyed infrastructure, and a large inventory of modular components means quick delivery to any location, even in difficult conditions. All over the world, Acrow has deployed emergency structures to enable disaster relief and reconnect affected communities.

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