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Bridge Shoring Systems

Acrow is more than a bridge company.

We provide shoring solutions through our Superprop® shoring systems and bridge towers. Utilized to provide critical support during construction, excavation or to support structures at risk of collapse, Acrow shoring systems are assembled using Acrow bridge components.

Bridge Shoring Systems
Bridge Shoring Systems

Innovative shoring systems for construction

Designed using proprietary Superprop® technology, Acrow provides critical shoring systems for structures potentially at risk of collapse, such as buildings or bridges undergoing construction or maintenance. Simple in design and installed within hours, Acrow’s Superprop® Shoring system is made of high-strength steel, offering versatility and safety in any vertical, horizontal or knee-bracing application in a number of different configurations.

In vertical shoring applications, Acrow’s Superprop® Shores can be used to support precast steel or concrete construction, or to provide temporary piers for a bridge or gantry. Ideal for the emergency support of existing structures to enable repair and bridge bearing replacement, the system can also serve as lifting frames to raise extremely heavy loads.

In horizontal shoring and raking applications, Superprop® Towers are a completely modular system for the support of large cofferdams and viaducts, negating the need for expensive fabricated steelwork. They can also be used as truss support systems, withstanding significant vertical and lateral loads, and built incrementally to enable use in tight construction environments.

Features + Benefits

  • Cost-effective rental options available
  • Wide range of shoring systems for multiple shoring, propping and raking applications
  • Expertly designed to suit specific project requirements
  • Robust designs to ensure product safety and durability
  • Pre-engineered using standard modular components
  • Unrivalled strength, manufactured with high-strength steel from ISO-certified mills
  • Hot-dip galvanized to withstand rugged environments
  • Supplied direct from inventory
  • Easily transported to the most remote or challenging locations
  • Rapidly installed within hours using minimal equipment and labor
  • Delivered with expert site support services as required

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Bridge Shoring Systems