Handling extreme loads with rugged durability

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Heavy Haul Modular Bridge

Supporting heavy off-road vehicles, machinery and construction equipment

Designed and engineered to handle extreme loads exceeding 500 metric tonnes, Acrow’s heavy haul bridges offer solutions that meet the unique demands of rugged off-road vehicles, machinery and construction equipment. Acrow’s modular components can also be disassembled, stored and reassembled for use in different locations, offering maximum versatility for your operations.

Rapid-build solutions for the heaviest loads

Acrow’s heavy haul solutions are designed to support a steady flow of heavy off-road vehicles used in construction, excavation and drilling operations.

Manufactured with high-strength U.S. steel, our heavy-haul bridges utilize standardized modular components which can be rapidly assembled, disassembled, stored and reassembled for use in different locations. Transported by standard truck or ocean shipping container, the Acrow bridge is easily erected within days using minimal equipment to lift or roll into place, even with limited build area.

Designed for extreme loads and rugged use by contractors worldwide, Acrow’s heavy haul bridges connect you to a versatile, durable and cost-effective solution.

Features + Benefits

  • Cost-effective solution immediately available from inventory
  • Designed to offer safe, durable support of extreme loadings
  • Expertly manufactured with US steel from ISO-certified mills
  • Pre-engineered using standard modular components
  • Proprietary orthotropic deck system designed to efficiently distribute heavy loads
  • Hot-dip galvanized to withstand rugged environments
  • Easily transported in standard shipping containers to even the most remote or challenging locations
  • Rapidly installed using minimal equipment, labor, and build area
  • Can be crane-built or cantilever-launched
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled
  • Delivered with full training and expert site support services as required

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Heavy Haul Modular Bridge