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Acrow Case Study

Nova Scotia Orthotropic Case Study

Acrow’s Orthotropic Steel Deck Units Used in Nova Scotia, Provide Superior Skid Resistance, are Lightweight and Cost Effective

Canam-Bridges partners with Acrow for three new bridges in Nova Scotia

When Canam-Bridges, a leader in the design, fabrication and construction of steel bridges in North America, was selected to install three new bridges in Nova Scotia, the company chose Acrow Bridge as its partner to supply orthotropic steel deck units for the structures.

Acrow’s orthotropic steel deck units are the standard deck system used on all Acrow panel bridges. In addition to Acrow’s standard units measuring 1.83, 1.22, and 0.46m wide x 3.05m long, Acrow can also provide custom sized units to suit retrofitting an existing deck on a non-Acrow bridge.

Acrow’s standard prefabricated orthotropic steel deck units are fabricated to meet the quality standards of the AISC and ISO 9001 at Acrow’s manufacturing facility in Milton, Pennsylvania. Due to the orthotropic design and robotic welding, they are not only very effective in terms of weight and strength, but very cost effective as well. The surface of the steel decks is typically a factory-applied epoxy aggregate anti-skid coating. The coating provides skid resistance exceeding that of asphalt and is very lightweight.

As an alternative to the anti-skid coating, Acrow’s steel decks can also have an asphalt overlay applied in the field. For this, or any application, Acrow’s curb units can be supplied with scuppers, which are openings in the curbs which can be connected to a pipe drainage system to channel water to the ends of the bridge.

Acrow’s orthotropic decks are an excellent choice for new construction or for existing bridges in need of a deck replacement. Because of their light weight, the decks contribute to a structure with increased load capacity and extended life.

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