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Durable, reliable bridging for strategic or humanitarian missions

Whether your mission is strategic or humanitarian, Acrow supports on many fronts. Using minimal equipment, our modular prefabricated steel components are easily assembled on-site. Engineered for heavy loads up to Military Load Class (MLC) 120T / 150W, our bridging solutions support both wet and dry gap applications. With training programs and comprehensive service tailored to your operational objectives, Acrow helps you rapidly deploy quality bridge infrastructure across the globe.

Products + Services

  • Line of Communication Bridges
  • Dry + wet gap bridges up to 120T / 150W
  • Rapid deployment bridging
  • Vehicular bridging – single or multiple lanes
  • Specialty bridging
  • Training + Consulting – military + humanitarian response
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In many cases, the success of military or peacekeeping operations, as well as humanitarian relief efforts, depends on the ability to deploy infrastructure rapidly in a variety of environments. Acrow’s modular steel bridges are designed to military standards and capable of supporting heavy vehicles under a variety of conditions. They are ideal for addressing time-sensitive infrastructure needs, with components quickly transported and assembled, wherever they are needed.
William Killeen, Acrow CEO
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Leadership Through Partnership

Acrow partners with military teams and international stakeholders, aligning innovative products, comprehensive service and a spirit of collaboration in the advancement of mission-critical objectives.

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