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Acrow Permanent Bridges

Virtually maintenance free, our steel bridges are built to last 100 years.

Longevity, increased capacity and significant cost savings are the hallmarks of Acrow’s bridging solutions. Our bridges offer superior performance with a proprietary blend of high-strength U.S. steel and a galvanizing process that eliminates corrosion. With modular components offering ease of assembly and rapid mobilization, Acrow connects you to permanent, cost-effective infrastructure.

Features + Benefits

  • Pre-engineered modular solutions can accommodate numerous permanent applications
  • Length, width and strength are easily customizable
  • Conveniently transported to even the most remote locations
  • Fast assembly and launch even under challenging conditions, with minimal equipment requirements
  • Manufactured with premium high-strength, high-quality U.S. steel from ISO-certified mills and galvanized to protect against corrosion
  • Full-scale tested to ensure product safety and durability in even the most rugged conditions
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Acrow bridges are built to last. Assembled in days or weeks, our durable solutions offer a service life of up to 100 years, utilizing high-strength, prefabricated modular components.
William Killeen, CEO
Permanent Modular Bridge

Comprehensive service + support

Acrow guides you through the entire process from planning, design and engineering, all the way through commissioning of the bridge. We are committed to service excellence throughout the entire bridge-building experience.

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