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Military Dry Gap Bridge

Rapidly mobilized, durable, mission-critical infrastructure

Acrow Dry Gap bridges provide mission-critical infrastructure for military logistical support applications as well as humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. Capable of supporting heavy vehicles under a variety of conditions, the bridges are ideal in addressing time-sensitive, mission-critical infrastructure needs.

Military Dry Gap Bridge
Modular Military Dry Gap Bridge
Military Dry Gap Bridge

Versatile logistical support with comprehensive training and service

Acrow’s Line of Communication (LOC) Dry Gap bridges offer critical logistical support under a variety of challenging conditions. Engineered to accommodate large armored tanks and other heavy vehicles with loads up to Military Load Class (MLC) 120T / 150W, our modular steel components are easily transported, assembled and redeployed wherever a temporary or permanent bridge is needed. Our heavy-duty ramps, grillage and other specialty equipment facilitate immediate, reliable connectivity where existing infrastructure is impaired or destroyed.

Acrow’s dry gap bridging solutions are used by military organizations and humanitarian agencies across the globe. With training programs and comprehensive service tailored to your operational objectives – from planning through execution – Acrow helps you rapidly deploy quality bridge infrastructure with confidence and mission readiness.

Features + Benefits

  • Appropriate for both permanent and temporary use
  • Expertly manufactured with US steel from ISO-certified mills
  • Pre-engineered using standard modular components
  • Designed to support Military Load Class (MLC) tracked and wheeled loads up to 120T / 150W
  • Orthotropic deck system efficiently distributes heavy loads
  • Expedited delivery of Commercially-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Components
  • Easily transported in standard shipping containers to the most challenging locations
  • Rapidly assembled, disassembled and redeployed as needed
  • Comprehensive training programs tailored to operational objectives
Because of its unique attributes, the Acrow 700XS bridge system has been selected as a standard Line of Communication Bridge for logistical support by military organizations around the world. Acrow’s modular steel bridges are designed to military standards and components can be quickly transported, assembled, and reused wherever they are needed.
Eugene Sobecki, Director Domestic Sales and U.S. Military Business Development
Acrow Military Dry Gap Bridge

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Military Dry Gap Bridge